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People Helping People Worldwide

People Helping People Worldwide’s mission is to offer people around the world the opportunity to earn a substantial income from the comfort of their own home and let each person choose a worthy charity for us to help fund.  People Helping People Worldwide is a  home business with a unique donation platform!


What if you could earn lots of commissions and help your team earn lots of
commissions while you travel from tier to tier in a simple 3 by 5 matrix?

And, at the same time help a variety of charitable organizations
receive funding to help their cause!

You get the best of both worlds.  FIRST, you have terrific products top to bottom that will save you money on your everyday purchases, including international mobile apps, travel, and anything you can think from A to Z.  SECOND, with our donation portion of the system, you can actually pick which charity will receive donations.  We provide several non-profit charities for you to choose from, along with giving you the option to tell the company of other worthwhile causes around the world you would like to support.​​

To join People Helping People Worldwide’s team build and

purchase the Tier 1 product package follow these 2 steps





Step 1 – Join Now

Complete the form.  Be sure to click on the JOIN NOW Button.

If you want additional income centers, be sure to complete the form for each income center that you would like.  You must use a different username and email address for each additional income center.

Step 1


Be sure to click on the Join Now Button below and then go to Step 2 where you purchase your product.

Step 2 – Purchase Product

You may purchase your product via credit/debit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.

If you are paying for someone else or the name on the credit/debit card does not match the PHPWorldwide account, please include their information in the Notes Section on the CheckOut Page or send an email to [email protected] with the name of the person you would like us to credit the payment for so that we can match your payment with the person who you are paying for.

That’s it.  Once we have confirmed your payment you will be placed in the matrix at People Helping People Worldwide.  You will receive an email from People Helping People Worldwide with your log in details.